Tall Tales for Fairies

Halloween Party invite

Promo photo for Halloween’s “spooky” INCITE at The Phoenix

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Here I am, the Faery Queen,

I’m very cruel and I’m very mean.

The fairy’s wings I like to tear,

And put sticky knots in Rapunzel’s hair.


I love to hear them scream in pain

All their sorrow becomes my gain.

I laugh to see them struggle and cry.

It warms my heart, I tell no lie.


I like to capture Bo Peep’s sheep

And turn them into chops.

So while she’s searching up and down

They’re hanging in the shops.


I poisoned Miss Tuffet’s curds and whey.

She was awfully sick, and suffered all day

I threw struggling Ding Dong down the well,

That ridiculous cat…did you think it fell?


Come boys and girls and sit on my knee,

I’ll show you how good being bad can be

Come be my plaything, we’ll have such fun

I just need to bind you so you can’t run


I’ll make you tremble, pant and drool

Relieve you of every moral rule

I am your Queen – you obey my will

I’ll show you no mercy…oooh what a thrill