Spooky Kinda Love

It’s spooky…you and me.

Spooky how I hear your voice in my ear,

Then turn around…and you’re not there.

Spooky how when I feel hungry,

My mouth is filled with the taste of your cunt.

It’s spooky.


It’s spooky…how we are.

Spooky how, when I walk in woods or forests

I can smell your scent in the air.

Spooky that I know you’re thinking of me.

That you’ll text, or call me very soon.

It’s spooky.


It’s spooky…our romance.

Spooky how, when we’re apart we’re still close.

That I’m simultaneously, settled and unsettled.

Spooky that I remember things you’ve said,

That I think of you when I don’t mean to,

It’s spooky

I think you’ve put a spell on me,

Like I’ve put a spell on you

There’s a lot of stuff I’d like to say.

But this love that’s running through my mind

Makes me deaf, dumb, stupid and blind.

It’s spooky

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