For London Pride 2016; performed also at ’60 Years a Queen’

We are the voice of Love

That dares to speak its name.

We will not, can not be silenced.

We are… # No Filter


We are a wave of Love

That ripples around the world.

We’re every creed, colour and religion.

We are… # No Filter.


We are a beacon of Love

Dazzling in our style and diversity.

We’re trendsetters, go-getters, creatives.

We are… # No Filter.


We are the spectrum of Love

Shape-shifters, Gender-benders, fluid.

We’re dreamers, magicians, groundbreakers.

We are…. # No Filter.


We are a celebration of Love

People who hang on to hope.

We’re L.G.B.T.Q. The real deal.

We are… # No Filter.

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