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You’re too aggressive Julia,

In a place that I like sweet

So although I’m very fond of you

I really must retreat.


You’re a people pleaser Audrey,

I prefer a truthful place.

So in terms of trusting you

It will never be the case.


I enjoyed our fling Katarina,

We had a bit of fun.

You seem to think this ‘affair’ will last,

I’m telling you now…we’re done.


I waited for you Linda,

You decided not to try.

You loitered about in Neverland

And let our relationship die.


There’s only one person in your life

And that dear Doretta is you.

So although you’re gorgeous, stylish and fun

I’m afraid to say…we’re through


Sara was a clinging vine

That wrapped around my life.

I found I had to radically prune

Her plan of being my wife.


You struggled to love me Angela

It released a demon within.

I hope you’re in a better place.

Rather, than no win.


One weekend away with Dawn,

Drove me to the brink.

We tried to cover up the cracks,

With sex and drugs and drinks.


Tracey had a terrible temper

Her moods ranged far and wide

I got fed up of wondering if

She’d be Jekyll or Hyde


You were such a terrible lover Bea

The emotional damage was great.

But as a friend, you’re my very best.

All I had to do was wait.