Trudy Howson has been the inaugural LGBT+ Poet Laureate since 2016. In January 2019, Trudy was appointed Co-chair for Westminster LGBT Community Forum. Her role within the organisation is to head up its Art and Culture wing and the post of LGBT Poet Laureate will now reside with them.

The Westminster LGBT Community Forum supports our community and aims to improve services and provision for LGBT+ people across Westminster, with the support of the Westminster City Council.

In this post, she will be expected to:

  • Write poems for nationally and internationally recognised LGBT days and events.
  • Write, perform and promote poetry that reflects and celebrates the very diverse experience of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans people within our society.
  • Raise the profile and accessibility of LGBT poetry.
The LGBT Poet Laureate’s poetry will:

Portray the lives and experiences of the LGBT community.

Celebrate our style and culture.

Support LGBT people who feel isolated and marginalized within our society.

Encourage within our community a sense of self respect and pride.

Raise a greater public awareness of the LGBT community.

Encourage LGBT people of all ages, nationalities and types, to read, write, watch and listen to poetry.



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