Welcome to the official website of Trudy Howson, who was appointed inaugural LGBT Poet Laureate in 2016.

This post was devised to promote LGBT+ poetry, and, through that poetry, working with Amnesty, Stonewall, and many LGBT+ organisations, improve the quality of life for our community.

A short film for Small Charities UK

Proud to write and perform the first LGBT+ poem on National TV

May 17th – IDAHOT

I’m your brother and sister,

I’m both Mrs and Mister,

I am Gay, Bi and Transsexual,

I am… myself.


I’m your father and mother,

Husband, auntie, friend and lover,

I’m different…and the same,

I am your family.


I’m black, white, pink… every hue,

Christian, Muslim, Buddhist… Jew,

Skinhead, Goth, Punk, New Romantic,

I am me. I am you.


I’m your district nurse, your teacher,

The boy and girl next door,

Someone in the street,

I am your neighbour.


I’m no better than you, or no worse,

No richer, poorer, blessed or cursed,

Just part of the same Gravitational Wave,

As you are.


October 14th Launch of National Hate Crime Awareness Week

In this week across our nation,

We stand united in our call.

“There is no place for hatred.”

Because hatred hurts us all.


Whatever your ability or religion.

Sexuality, colour of skin.

This battle against hate crime,

Is one we have to win.


Let’s educate the ignorant.

Dispel prejudice and fear.

Promote that Love is a human right,

Be open and be clear.


We can make a difference,

By what we do and say,

Against the intolerance and injustice,

Some people suffer every day.


It’s okay to be different,

Let’s honour who we are.

Make our world a safer place,

For all of us, near and far.

July 21st Isle of Wight Pride

July 18th – ‘HIV/AIDS‘ to raise funds for AidsMemory

[yt4wp-video video_id=”6cCKyLQvAgA”]

November 3rd – Receiving poetry award at the DIVA Literary Festival

Performing ‘The Way We Were‘ at the British Library launch of the Gay UK exhibition

[yt4wp-video video_id=”vod2pCZNeBc”]

Performing IDAHOT on Sky TV’s culture show ‘What’s Up’ 

July 27th – 50 years since the partial decriminalization of Sexual Offences Act. LGBT Poet Laureate performed at a luncheon party at Whitehall hosted by Andrew Lumsden (Gay Liberation Front). Followed by an evening party in the Mayor of Camden Richard Cotton’s Chambers.

This year, LGBT Poet Laureate wrote and performed the theme poem for Pride in London, ‘Love Happens Here’. She also hosted & performed at ‘Camp Confidential’ on July 8th. See the performance on Trafalgar Square  Stage below.

Proud that my poems assist Stonewall and Amnesty International in their campaigns to improve the quality of life for our global community


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