You warned me about your temper

I thought you were making a joke

I remembered your words months later

When my bones and heart you broke


Mostly you were quiet and gentle

You described yourself as kind

Nice, as nice, as nice can be

Until, you changed your mind


Then you became a monster

Cruel and without remorse

It wasn’t your fault, it was your temper

You’d warned me about it, of course


I don’t know why I took you back

When you begged and cried and pleaded

Maybe I felt sorry cos your life was so sad

Maybe, I wanted to be needed?


So then I had to pay the price

Of loving Jekyll and Hyde

It was a painful, brutal, mercifully short

Roller-coaster ride


I see you’re online dating,

Advertising for somebody new

You say you’re solvent, single and hot

The problem is, you’re still you.