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The Smallhythe Trio

In collaboration with the National Trust, I launched an exhibition exploring the lives, loves and legends that were the Smallhythe Trio – Edith Craig, Christopher St John, and Clare Atwood. The event – which ran from 10-11 June 2017 in Smallhythe Place, residence of Edith Craig’s mother, actress Ellen Terry, explored the trio’s unconventional lives and relationships, and compared and contrasted the experiences of women then and now.

My poems for the event included: The Smallhythe Trio and Three Ladies

I have also been invited to create a similar event for the National Trust next year

Heartfelt and Birds of a Feather (Video)

Performing Heartfelt and Birds of a Feather at INCITE@The Phoenix, 8th June 2016.



Birds of a Feather

IDAHOT (video)

Performed and recorded for Behind the Mask. See the original poem here.

IDAHOT (from Three Flying Piglets)

Part One of a triptych (blue/white) by Three Flying Piglets

Talking about Transsexuals

A clip of me from the film ‘Powered by Love 1’ discussing transgender people.