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We’ve had a Saharan heatwave,

Moonsoons. Flooding. Drought.

This Summer has been a challenge

Now here it is…Autumn’s out.


A little coolness in the air,

The birds have a different flight.

There’s a whisper in the hedgerow

Can you see, it’s Autumn Light


Feeling battered and burnt by Summer?

Now’s the time to let it go.

Seasons have their own momentum

Jusr relax, and feel its flow


Now we reap the harvest

Of what we sowed all year

Let the fruit of love and labour lost

Nourish and revere?


Autumn light has a clarity

Take advantage of the view.

Watch the old year fall away

Ready for something new.

Queer Kiss-mas

It’s the festive season, Hip hip hooray!

Now’s a good time to be happy and Gay

This time of year can be lonely and cold

So get out those glad-rags, be daring. Be bold.


Try a new lipstick, buy a sprig of mistletoe

Tune into the season, its ringing Go Gay Go!

Dry clean that jacket. Put on that bow tie

If you feel like snogging, don’t think why?


Christmas time can be stressful and fraught

Overspending, overeating, doing what you ought

So relax and smile a little, look around you, it’s free.

Enjoy the many pleasures of our Community


Be kind, be nice, it is the seasonal mission

Spread love and goodwill, I give you my permission

Just one more thing to say before I go

I wish you a Merry Xmas, with lots of Yo, Ho, Ho!

Season’s Greetings

It’s that time of year…

When it’s getting cold and dark,

Makes me want to cuddle up…

And get romantic.


It used to send me running…

Halfway across the world,

To India, Indonesia, Vietnam Thailand

Somewhere hot.


This winter it can blow…

Blow its fiercest, coldest blast

Cos I’ll be sitting cosy and close

With those I love.


Deck the halls with fairy lights…

I’ll be staying home some nights

With my girlie on my knee…

Happy, happy, happy me.

Winter Cometh

Winter is nipping at my ankles

The sun has shifted in the sky.

This is a season of change and sorrow

I’m ready to say goodbye


The days are getting cooler;

Leaves are dying on the bough.

I’m shedding my attachment;

I’m getting over you now.


The nights are getting longer;

I miss your smiling face.

I miss your body in my bed

blossoming, in my embrace.


Soon the icy winter winds

will blow my longing away

as sure as is my beating heart,

as day follows night follows day

Spooky Kinda Love

It’s spooky…you and me.

Spooky how I hear your voice in my ear,

Then turn around…and you’re not there.

Spooky how when I feel hungry,

My mouth is filled with the taste of your cunt.

It’s spooky.


It’s spooky…how we are.

Spooky how, when I walk in woods or forests

I can smell your scent in the air.

Spooky that I know you’re thinking of me.

That you’ll text, or call me very soon.

It’s spooky.


It’s spooky…our romance.

Spooky how, when we’re apart we’re still close.

That I’m simultaneously, settled and unsettled.

Spooky that I remember things you’ve said,

That I think of you when I don’t mean to,

It’s spooky

I think you’ve put a spell on me,

Like I’ve put a spell on you

There’s a lot of stuff I’d like to say.

But this love that’s running through my mind

Makes me deaf, dumb, stupid and blind.

It’s spooky