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‘LOVE HAPPENS HERE’ London Pride theme poem 2017

Love happens here.

In family, L.G.B.T.

In our relationships far and near.

It’s the heart of us and we.


Love can be enough,

In sunshine or in showers.

When the going gets tough,

It’s Love that empowers.


Love is our Diversity,

It’s the best that we can be.

It’s the Talent and Creativity,

Within our Community.


Love is you and me.

We show it in a smile,

In our Endeavor and Tenacity,

In our ‘Fabulosa’ Style.

                   Yes, Love happens here.

‘Poem Dedicated to Hastings Pride’ Hastings & St Leonard’s Observer, 07/06/2017

LGBT Poet Laureate Trudy Howson has relocated to St Leonard’s on Sea and dedicated a poem to the first Hastings Pride. Trudy was appointed LGBT Poet Laureate in February 2016. She will hold the post for a term of three years. This inaugural post was devised by Camden LGBT Forum to promote LGBT poetry in London and the UK. Trudy now holds the title of the First LGBT Poet Laureate and says interest has been huge. “My first year has been a whirlwind of interesting gigs and opportunities,” she said. “I really believe that through poetry I have the opportunity to improve the quality of our community’s lives and entertain them!” During her term as the LGBT Poet Laureate Trudy’s role requires her to write poems for nationally and internationally recognised LGBT days and events. Write, perform and promote poetry that reflects and celebrates the very diverse experience of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans people within our society. Raise the profile and accessibility of LGBT poetry. Trudy says moving to the local area has been an inspiration. “I’ve moved (in part) down to the south coast now, to St Leonards, and am loving having access to the sea – especially now its getting warmer. “I find the landscape very inspiring, the people friendly and quirky (like me!) and was proud to be invited to perform at the launch of Hastings Pride last year and I’m looking forward to performing this year.” Trudy’s current projects include working for the British Museum, Amnesty International, National Trust and London Pride; she will be writing and performing this years theme poem and hosting ‘Camp Confidential’ on July 8. This weekend (June 10 and 11) Trudy explores, through poetry and prose, The Smallhythe Trio: Edith Craig. Christopher St John and Clare Atwood. She said: “It’s at the actress Ellen Terry’s beautiful house at Smallhythe Place. It offers everything we’d expect from a National Trust property; cream teas, home made cakes, beautiful gardens and artefacts.” See Trudy at Hastings Pride, The Oval on Sunday August 27. www.lgbtpoetlaureate.org.uk

Poem for Hastings Pride by Trudy Howson

Lets Celebrate this day,
Be proud of who we are.
Dazzling in diversity.
Here from near and far.
Just look around and see
It’s Love that sets us free.
We’re every colour, creed and style L. G. B. I. T.
Our hearts are open wide
There is no need to hide.
Embraced by our community
Being who we want to be.
So here at Hastings Pride
With friends on every side.
Lets dance and sing and shout
We’re Queer, we’re Proud, we’re Out.

Read more at: http://www.hastingsobserver.co.uk/news/poem-dedicated-to-hastings-pride-1-7997584

LGBT Labour GE2017 fundraiser

LGBT Labour #GE2017 Cabaret Extraordinaire!

KU BAR is hosting a fundraiser in order to support our LGBT community and the Labour Party. Trudy Howson, LGBT Poet Laureate, will be performing some of her poetry.

There will be live acts, DJs and a special guest speaker!
May 17th also coincides with International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia + Biphobia. What with the recent events in Chechnya there is not better time for us to come together and remind ourselves what LGBT Labour stand for!!

Tickets here.

Seaside Pride

Sung to “I do like to be beside the seaside”


Oh! I love to be Gay beside the seaside,

It’s so great being Gay beside the sea.

Yes I do like to mince along the Prom, Prom Prom,

Holding my girlfriends hand



It’s so nice to be gay beside the seaside,

To see L.G.B.T’s beside the sea,

And there’s lots of Dykes beside

I should like to be beside,

Beside the seaside, beside the sea.


I’m so proud to be Gay beside the seaside

It’s so Fab being Gay astride the sea

Just the thought of having all that sea, sand, sex.

Makes me feel quite Queer

You can imagine the rest!


It’s our day to be Gay beside the seaside

Gender Benders abound beside the sea

If you take a look around

Something special can be found

A friend or lover, you and me.