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INCITE Oct 2016

Here are some of the poems I performed for October 2016’s Spooky-themed Incite!

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Save the Black Cap, to remind us all of the importance of preserving our historic LGBT venues and not let them be lost to property developers.

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A fun spin on traditional fairy stories in Tall Tales for Fairies!

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Sadly, domestic abuse is still prevalent.

Let’s get ready for Halloween with ‘It’s Spooky’ and a ‘Spooky Kinda Love’!

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There’s a prickle on your skin.

No it’s not Sahara Dust – Its Spring,

It’s in.


There’s a bouncing in your step,

A sort of Va-va-voom – A surge

Of pep.


Days are longer brighter, lighter.

The temperature’s quickening – even clocks

Leap forwards.


Natures looking for a wife.

Bambi, Blackbirds, Tian Tian…its sex

It’s rife.


Buds are swelling, birds are singing

Green nettles thrusting up – taking hold



It’s thrilling, it’s joyous, it’s unstoppable

It’s madness and mayhem – It’s irresistible