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We are what we are,

Or are not.                                                                                                                            We are fluid as air and water…                                                                                        Elastic.

We can be one way,                                                                                            Then another.                                                                                                             Grow into ourselves over time…                                                                                  Expand.

We are shape-shifters,                                                                                                   Dream catchers.                                                                                                        People who take risks…                                                                                                   Courageous.

We are you, we are me                                                                                                         We are us,                                                                                                                        Bound together by hope,                                                                                                     And understanding.

Night & Day Dreams

How do I reach you?

Tell me, how do I?

You have vanished

Before my eyes.


Does this mean it’s too

painful, too pointless, too late

For you to want to

Listen to me?


I have to tell you, that

I’m dreamy, still dreamy, so dreamy

With Love and longing

For you


That’s why I’m waiting,

Just thinking, just hoping, just dreaming

That I’ve become

Invisible too

Queerama @ De La Warr Pavilion: A co-presentation with Hastings Pride

Thrilled to be performing at this beautiful, contemporary Art Gallery on the sea-front at Bexhill-on-Sea in Sussex.

I’ll be performing a selection of poems before the screening of Daisy Asquith’s fantastic film “Queerama:  A century of Gay rights & Desires”

This is  a co-presentation with Hastings Pride.
Tickets at  £8/6.50  from here.