Summer Send-Off

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Performed at Incite @The Phoenix in September 2016

The days are getting shorter,

The suns warmth doesn’t last.

Birds are singing a different tune,

Summertime is past.


Farewell to summer barbeques,

And picnics in the park.

Discarding unnecessary clothing,

Having a bikini mark.


Farewell to the balmy evenings,

Playing out till late.

Eating alfresco in Old Compton St,

Flirting with a date.


I’ll miss the long and languorous days,

And swimming in the sea.

Or gazing up at a big blue sky,

Happy just to be.


It’s goodbye to the resolutions,

I promised I’d sustain.

To rewrite the novel.

Get super fit, my appetites retrain.


I’ve loved this summer, it’s been such fun,

In truth…it’s been a blast.

I’d like it to linger a little longer

Alas, summertime is past.

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