‘LA Hook Up’ Review

LA hook up launch party    16.02.2018

It’s rare to attend an event, which has a feel of the start of something special.  Such was the launch of LA hook up.

It is a fantastic venue, in the heart of Queeropolis. Hidden plainly in sight, it boasts a large, stylishly understated room with bar. From its beautiful windows the whole length of Old Compton Street can be seen.

There was a real party vibe in the room, with a glass of bubbly on arrival and a shot of tequila included in the £10 admission price. Guests were encouraged to bring their own tipple with mixers supplied for free.

The atmosphere was a winning combination of friendly and flirtatious, with a varied selection of every type, age and race of lesbian. There was music and a bit of dancing.  Lots of looking and a bit of romancing! The hosts were helpful and unobtrusive, letting everyone just get on with what they’d come to do…meet new women!

It’s a subtle balance managing a new event in a new venue…  This one’s a winner.  The organizers plan to host the event bi-monthly. … Can’t wait for the next one.

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