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Chechnya’s Choice

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Performing Chechnya’s Choice as part of Amnesty International’s and Stonewall’s protest outside the Russian Embassy, 2 June 2017

Law abiding, responsible men and women.
People from our LGBT Community.
Beaten, caged, raped and tortured,
In a Hurricane of Homophobic Hate.

Chechnya has abdicated rationality,
Relinquished reason and justice.
Succumbed to brutality and hatred.
The Cull, has begun.

Fathers, brothers, uncles snatched
From the bosom of their families.
Mother’s, sister’s hands wrenched
From rocking Russia’s cradle.

Chechnya has made its choice
To punish homosexual Love.
To purge its streets of dignity and respect,
Let ignorance & fear rule its heart.

Let us now raise our voices,
Lift up our global communities’ heart.
Ours is the enduring voice of love
It can not. Must not be silenced.

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Performed at Incite@The Phoenix in May 2017

INCITE Oct 2016

Here are some of the poems I performed for October 2016’s Spooky-themed Incite!

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Save the Black Cap, to remind us all of the importance of preserving our historic LGBT venues and not let them be lost to property developers.

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A fun spin on traditional fairy stories in Tall Tales for Fairies!

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Sadly, domestic abuse is still prevalent.

Let’s get ready for Halloween with ‘It’s Spooky’ and a ‘Spooky Kinda Love’!

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