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“One Night in Heaven”

I wrote this poem for LGBT History Month 2016.  Its title comes from the theme of the last night of the H.M.’s  Ball, held by Camden Forum at Islington Assembly Hall.

It’s about the dead Gay, Historical Characters I would like to meet during one night in Heaven.

It is a  living interactive poem. I am shrouded in ghost-like white. The text I am wearing names and honours some of  our deceased Gay Icons.


[yt4wp-video video_id=”l1C3bmnuc3E”]


“Schwule” is a living interactive poem written for International Holocaust Day. The pink triangles I am wearing are inscribed with the words used to describe homosexuals (in German and English) during Gestapo rule. See the video of poem in Video section of website.


Remember those poor unfortunate men

Of every race, age and religion…the 175’s,

Rounded up, incarcerated in concentration camps

Because they were Homosexual.


Respect those 20,000 men,

Who lost their friends, families and businesses,

Who were beaten, tortured and castrated.

Labelled with a pink triangle…the lowest of the low.


Resolve to never again return

To those dark days of terror and evil.

Fight injustice and inequality,

Encourage love, regardless of race or gender.


I can choose to remove these labels,

Live and love freely, be Glad to be Gay.

Those men were not so fortunate.

Remember, Respect and Honour them today.