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We are what we are, Or are not.                                                                             We are fluid as air and water… Elastic.                                                                     We can be one way, Then another.                                                                           Grow into ourselves over time… Expand.

We are shape-shifters, Dream catchers.                                                          People who take risks… Courageous.                                                                    We are you, we are me, we are us,                                                                          Bound together by hope and understanding.

Let There Be Love

Let us have FAITH…
That we do all, have choices.
That what we do can make a difference.
That there is goodness in all of us

Let us have COURAGE…
To say no when we need to
To resist manipulation, coercion or force
To stand up, to hate and evil.

Let us have LOVE…
In our relationships with friends and family
In the places we work, walk and study
In our hearts and minds

Most of all…Let us have love.


You can’t take the Gay out of Games, Mr Putin,
There are too many of us about.
The ones in your team will be winning you medals
Rather than struggling to come out.

You can’t keep us out of Russia,
You see, we’re a part of real life.
For we are your son and daughter,
Comrade, husband and wife.

It’s our hands that rock the cradle.
It’s our cash that keeps Russia afloat.
So you better wise up to Pink Politics,
Or you might find you lose our vote.

Your Games will be flooded with queer athletes,
The world will be sending its best.
Your audience will be filled with homosexuals,
Cheering along with the rest.

The world is watching Mr Putin,
And it’s filled with homosexuals like me.
So change your policy, up your game
Or an international laughing stock be.

Also watch the video here.

“One Night in Heaven”

I wrote this poem for LGBT History Month 2016.  Its title comes from the theme of the last night of the H.M.’s  Ball, held by Camden Forum at Islington Assembly Hall.

It’s about the dead Gay, Historical Characters I would like to meet during one night in Heaven.

It is a  living interactive poem. I am shrouded in ghost-like white. The text I am wearing names and honours some of  our deceased Gay Icons.