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The Consequence of Kisses

Performing “The Consequence of kisses” – An evening Celebrating Who, Why & How We Are. At The Poetry Cafe WC2. 

Kisses can have consequences.
Even those, secret snatched ones
In the back of someone’s car, or cupboard.
That no-one else saw

Kisses do in fact count.
Including those wet, half biting ones
That fill your mouth with saliva…
That you’d like to forget

Or the ones, with someone’s
Girlfriend, wife, or maiden aunt.
Whilst drunk, and alone,
And provoked, at a party.

Kisses can have consequences,
Even if you have to wait 10 years
To reap the reward
Of their success or failure.

Sometimes there’s no respite,
From the jaw aching
Gut and heart wrenching
Memory of them.

No amount of concentration,
Self control, denial or willpower
Diminishes the ramification
Of that particular kiss.

Kisses can bury down, deep
Into your subconscious.
Nestle in the marrow of your bones,
Become more you, than you are.

Kisses can be poetry of breath.
Ambrosia of the Gods.
Better than sex, or the start
Of the best sex you have ever had.

Kisses can have Consequences.


Women Who Travel

Off…off…off on the wings of a dove we are.

On a plane or a boat, or a bus we are.

Be it near or far, by train, or car.

We are women, who travel.

Up… up… up on the crest of a wave we are.

Propelled by a whim, and a wish we are.

We cannot say no, at the chance just to go.

We are women, who travel.

Go… go… go for a dare, for the fun of it.

Lose your head and your heart, take a run at it.

Be thrilled be frightened, your consciousness heightened

We are women, who travel

Torture Times Two

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Why choose to be tortured by love…
When life is so short, and death is so long
Why keep falling back into…
Familiar patterns of pain and failure

Why struggle and rage, cajole and placate,
Trying to change what you cannot
It’s about sorrow… it’s about loss
Who pays the price…who absorbs the cost?

Let it go…feel that flow,
An ending, a beginning…fast or slow
Why choose to be bruised with a blow?
Let it go…let it go. Let it go.

We Are


Performing this poem at the opening of the Winter Pride Exhibition.

We are water, air and matter.

Blood, bone, sinew and flesh,

Electrical impulses.

We, are dust and ashes.


We’re all the same under our skin,

Bleed the same colour blood,

Cry, happy or sad, salt tears,

We, are special, extraordinary


We’re lucky to be alive, dead lucky.

Hostage to Fate and Fortune,

Gay, Bi, Trans, Non-binary.

We are me, you, them. Us.


We’re the same and different.

Frightened, frail, disillusioned,

Brave, bold and beautiful.

We, are a Community.

Valentines Day

This is a poem for the broken hearted.
For those who have loved and lost.
The Star crossed lovers
Who set their course on ‘Mission Impossible’

Don’t be sad because you’ve tried and failed.
Because your hopes are dashed,
Because you never saw it coming,
Or, saw it coming and wished it wouldn’t.

Remember the love you had in your heart.
How generously you gave it.
You are that same person,
Be kind to yourself, have a cup of tea.

This is a day unlike any other.
Drenched in commercialism and expectation.
Our hearts are wrenched out of our pockets.
Tomorrow is another day.

Time heals. It reveals. It goes on.
It makes buds blossom.
And fruit rot on the vine.
There’s no stopping its ruthless progress

On this auspicious day of Love
Write down for posterity
Something you like about yourself
Send yourself a Valentine