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The Filmmaker’s Statement

“Powered By Love 1”

This film is a series of snap shots of some of the activists, artists, performers and organisations I had the pleasure to meet during LGBT History Month, February 2016.

There was no pre- production to this film or budget. It is a spontaneous, personal journey of discovery of that month. I had an overwhelming response from people who wanted to contribute to this production from all corners of the LGBT community.

The diversity, talent and social pioneering present within the heart of LGBT community, far extends the realms of any film.

My hope is that this film resonates the aspirations of some of those pioneers, who campaign for equality and freedom of expression for the LGBT community, of which I am proud to be part.

Maria Robinson


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My name is Trudy and I am a poem

I am the whisper in your ear,

The tap, tap tap on the window.

The unexpected letter.


I am your secret hope,

The best you wish for.

Laughter in your house,

I am the voice of Love.


Poetry expands our senses,

Brings out the best and worst

Transforms pain into grace

Makes us bigger people.


Hear the poem in your heart

Let it come out

It belongs to you entirely

It is your gift to yourself


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Performing at LFest in July 2016

This is the time, the loose time,

When you make the choice to be good or bad.

This is the time…reckless,

When it doesn’t matter what your choice is.


Who cares, or knows, or gives a fuck

You can toss a coin, rely on good luck

It’s risky, free, and why not be

It’s all the spectrum of possibility


When things can go wrong,

Or, oh…so very right.

When you don’t know what will happen

At the beginning, middle, or end of the night.


The single life I wear it well

It can be funny, serious…or simply hell

Its good to be single, I like it a lot

Being single is simple. Being single is Hot.