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You’re too aggressive Julia,

In a place that I like sweet

So although I’m very fond of you

I really must retreat.


You’re a people pleaser Audrey,

I prefer a truthful place.

So in terms of trusting you

It will never be the case.


I enjoyed our fling Katarina,

We had a bit of fun.

You seem to think this ‘affair’ will last,

I’m telling you now…we’re done.


I waited for you Linda,

You decided not to try.

You loitered about in Neverland

And let our relationship die.


There’s only one person in your life

And that dear Doretta is you.

So although you’re gorgeous, stylish and fun

I’m afraid to say…we’re through


Sara was a clinging vine

That wrapped around my life.

I found I had to radically prune

Her plan of being my wife.


You struggled to love me Angela

It released a demon within.

I hope you’re in a better place.

Rather, than no win.


One weekend away with Dawn,

Drove me to the brink.

We tried to cover up the cracks,

With sex and drugs and drinks.


Tracey had a terrible temper

Her moods ranged far and wide

I got fed up of wondering if

She’d be Jekyll or Hyde


You were such a terrible lover Bea

The emotional damage was great.

But as a friend, you’re my very best.

All I had to do was wait.

Tall Tales for Fairies

Halloween Party invite

Promo photo for Halloween’s “spooky” INCITE at The Phoenix

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Here I am, the Faery Queen,

I’m very cruel and I’m very mean.

The fairy’s wings I like to tear,

And put sticky knots in Rapunzel’s hair.


I love to hear them scream in pain

All their sorrow becomes my gain.

I laugh to see them struggle and cry.

It warms my heart, I tell no lie.


I like to capture Bo Peep’s sheep

And turn them into chops.

So while she’s searching up and down

They’re hanging in the shops.


I poisoned Miss Tuffet’s curds and whey.

She was awfully sick, and suffered all day

I threw struggling Ding Dong down the well,

That ridiculous cat…did you think it fell?


Come boys and girls and sit on my knee,

I’ll show you how good being bad can be

Come be my plaything, we’ll have such fun

I just need to bind you so you can’t run


I’ll make you tremble, pant and drool

Relieve you of every moral rule

I am your Queen – you obey my will

I’ll show you no mercy…oooh what a thrill

Coming Out Kiss

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It was that kiss that did it.

Blew away my misconceptions about lads,

About fancying them that is…

About wanting to be their ‘girlfriend’.


Tracey was trouble with a capital T.

Tall, tempestuous, a truant and a tease.

She cut a swathe through all the boys,

Discarded them like broken toys.


I was twelve, she was sixteen…

And a walking, talking living dream.

I was bored with secondary school,

I preferred dancing and playing the fool.


On that day she noticed me,

Said she’d teach me how to be

A femme fatale like she was.

The first lesson was kissing…


Do you remember the Wilderness Years?

The years between 18 and 25.

The years of hope and longing,

When everything was new.


Do you remember the worry?

Of being excluded, of not fitting in?

Of not being, in some way

A bona – fida member of LQBT Gay.


Do you remember feeling overwhelmed?

Being tossed about in life’s jet stream,

Bewildered by, what the fuck,

Or who, was going on?


Do you remember those lost years?

The sex, the drink, the drugs, the clubs

So many new faces, new places

Some good, some bad, some ugly.


Those who can remember it,

Have passed through it.

Those who can remember it,

Have survived it. Some don’t.


18 to 25 .The highest statistic

Of disenchantment and depression

Of death by suicide or misadventure

Within our community.


It doesn’t have to be that way

Those can be happy care-free years

Celebrating all that is great, good & gay.

Supported by love and wisdom.


Let us light a beacon in our hearts,

To guide those young men and women

The sons & daughters, the next generation,

Who now navigate, The Wilderness years.