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AN L.G.B.T. LIFE: How it was, How it is

LGBT Poet Laureate, Trudy Howson, explores through poetry and personal recollection the experience of the being LGBT in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s up to the present time.

Combining humour and gritty realism, Trudy words and poems chronicle and bear witness to the L.G.B.T. community’s struggle to gain acceptance, equality and respect within mainstream society.

Trudy shares her history of being a performing artist and political activist during this exciting era of ground-breaking social, sexual and political change.

She shares her experience of what it actually feels like to be Gay. What we do? Where we go?

Trudy details and discusses some of the organisations, movement and political campaigns that had an impact on the quality of the L.G.B.T. community’s life, and the part she played within them.


  • Life, in a small Northern town. Being the only Gay in the village!
  • London, the epicenter of Gay Life in the UK
  • The emergence of G.L.F. (Gay Liberation Front),  C.H.E. (Campaign for Homosexual Equality) and Stonewall.
  • Early and ongoing Gay Pride Celebrations in London and the UK
  • The 2nd wave of the W.L.M. (Women’s Liberation Movement)
  • The impact of HIV/AIDS
  • Section 28
  • Becoming the inaugural L.G.B.T. Poet Laureate


Poetry and prose

Q & A

Duration: 1 hour (approx.)


Performed at Celebrate, Commemorate, Cabaret 

The name strikes dread into our heart,

We know what its impact can be.

We’ve seen the worst and best of it,

Its devastation of our community.


In the hedonistic excess of the 80’s,

We saw our playmates falter and fall.

Their fluids turned into Hades River,

Some swept away. Some, not at all.


The randomness, of the infection.

The suspicion, ignorance and fear.

Our family, friends and lovers blamed

Just because, they were Queer.


Investment in medical research

Stopped this killer in its tracks.

The afflicted now can live a life,

Improved by treatment and facts.


We honour our brothers and sisters,

Who didn’t survive that fight.

We salute and support the survivors

Whose life turned out alright.


Let us celebrate our lives today,

And those, whose lives are past.

Embrace our loving community

May it prosper, flourish and last

Isle of Wight Pride Theme Poem

I’ve been commissioned to write the theme poem for the Isle of Wight Pride 2018. I’m going to be there all weekend, and and looking forward to being part of the UK National Pride-winning Pride on this beautiful island.

Stepping into our Destiny.

Moving into the light.

Proud to be L.G.B.T.

Here, on the Isle of Wight.


Remembering our History.

Poets. Artists. Sailors.

Rooted in this island’s rock,

Farmers. Fighters. Tailors.


Celebrating who we are,

Stylish, full of life.

Welcoming Loves diversity

Its harmony and strife


Honoring our Community,

And how our lives can be.

The courage and creativity,

Embedded in L.G.B.T.


On this day we send a message

To our family worldwide.

Be yourself, you’re beautiful!

There is no need to hide


We Are Means Happy